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Why I landscape and why you should too!

landscapingIt was just a few years back that I was so detached from nature that I had no interest in having much plants or even lawns in my yard. I had preferred that sophisticated modern look with a desert of concrete and a basketball court being adjacent to my yard. After my trip to the Kaieteur Natural Park and my journey through a forested trail, I have become more absorbed in making my environment blend with nature and it isn’t without its perks.

The main reason we landscape is ‘Aesthetics’. The main reason we don’t is cost. Landscaping brings a refreshing look to your surroundings. You can create a serene environment amidst the bustling area surrounding you. For me landscaping brought a circular design with a curve here and there in stark contrast to the previously angular surrounding I previously employed. Landscaping companies like Chestermere Landscaping Services, the one I employed, can help you tailor your surroundings to your taste.

Landscaping also help improve property value. In fact, your property almost anywhere in the world fetches a significantly higher price when the surrounding area is properly landscaped. It is also more likely to be bought by prospective buyers. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Landscaping saves the soil in your surroundings. This is especially true if you live in an area where the level of the land varies. Populating your land with trees and lawns prevents the valuable top soil from being washed away and weathered by the forces of nature.

For me, having my surrounds landscaped has made it livelier. The entire yard feels a bit cooler, more comfy and cosy. It feels more natural to have an outdoor picnic or Barbeque with friends. Also the area populated with trees feel a bit more private.

Landscaping my yard made me feel at one with nature. I now feel as if being in my yard is a vacation by itself. Isn’t it comforting to just sit on the lawns under a tree and read your favourite novel rather than lay dead in your couch reading it? Sure it is. We are animals that came from nature; at some point in our lives nature will call us back.

 Having my yard space tailored has made me enjoy my surroundings even more and I’m sure it will do the same for you. So why not start now? Later down it will become more functional. You can add swings, tree houses and who knows you could even host outdoor parties there. It’s totally worth it.