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Lighting your Corporate Staff Event Afire

Party People!Anyone tasked with organizing a Corporate Staff Event is in for a rough ride. Disappointed to hear that? No sweat! We will help remover the bumps on this tricky road to organization. Events can often be tedious to organize, but hold your breath; this huge chunk of work can be broken down into tiny and easy to complete chunks. Let’s begin!

  • Transportation

Avoid your staff having the unnecessary stress of arranging individual transportation. Depending on the event you and arrange transportation from Limousine Service to a bus service.Just ensure that you go the extra mile to get your staff to and from the event. A lot of times staff doesn’t show up to an event because they don’t have transportation home.

  • Organize a venue

The venue for a staff event is important. An appropriate venue to match the theme of your staff event is very important. After all you won’t want to attend a cocktail party at a football field. When the venue is selected, you must ensure that it is decorated properly to suit the theme of the event. You must ensure that the selected venue can accommodate everyone invited to the party. It is advisable to check the place before and find out if it is properly licensed for the event.

  • Choose a caterer

Work up a menu plan and select a caterer that can provide for the event. Choose a caterer with reputation and sample before agreeing to accept the caterers. Again, check for licenses and other relevant documents. It’s a corporate event; the last thing you would want is food poisoning.

  • Have something for everyone

How many times have you attended a staff event and leave early because you got bored? For me, many! That’s why, I make it my duty to make everyone busy, and this includes all the people that are introverted like me.

So those are 4 easy chunks that your tasks can break down into. Plan and execute these steps and you are on your way to pleasing your staff.