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Is the child support system unfair to dads?

Child support is the term used to describe the sum paid by non-custodial parents (mainly fathers) pay to provide shelter, food and other necessities to the child that is in the custody of another person (usually the mother).  At the receiving end of this crisis usually exists a burdened single dad who is often denied by law the custody of his offspring that is often favourable to mothers. A question often asked is, “Is the child support system fair?” The answer is very simple, No! In fact, I’ll discuss in-depth why this system is abusive and backward.


  1. Firstly, child support is paid predominantly by men.  In fact the vast majority of studies in this area show that more than 80% of single dads did not receive a single cent from the mothers of their kids. These mothers often ran away or escaped their duties without a trace after they gave birth to their kids with other sexual partners. To be fair, a lot of these fathers say they don’t require the input of a mother. Men on the other hand in most countries, especially developing, pay virtually all the child support in the country. Yes! 100%! One must ask themselves, should fathers be footing the bill in a world where there is a freedom of opportunity? No!
  2. Secondly, if a father is denied the choice of birth of his child, why must he still pay child support? In almost every country in today’s world, bar few Islamic states, fathers have absolutely no choice as it pertains to abortion. The choice to an abortion is exclusive to the mother of the child! To add insult to injury, when the child is brought into this world, the father is forced by law to support a child that he might not have wanted in the first place.
  3.  Thirdly, there is no system in place to push accountability as it regards to the disbursement of the money provided for the child support. In fact, a study done by Christ Church Secondary students showed that almost 78% of single moms spent their child support incomes on themselves instead of the child. This study also came to the conclusion that child support is often used as a method of getting back at an ex lover through financial exploitation.
  4. Fourthly, it is evident from a study done by a group at the Uttarakhand Open University, 65% of the children that are recipients through the child support mechanism are children born through wedlock. These children can be said to be fruits of an irresponsible lifestyle choice by both partners in this relationship. Why is it fair that only the male have the obligation to contribute financially to the child?
  5. Fifthly, women ware way less likely to be sent to jail for failing to support kids. If fact, in most countries, not a single woman has ever been sent to prison for failing to pay child support. In fact most think that child support only applies to fathers.
  6. Lastly, the child support system was built in a time when males were the sole bread winners of virtually every family. Times have changed this for better or worse. In fact, for equivalent jobs, males and females earn the same hourly rates. It is therefore clear that they should at least be given equal financial responsibilities where their off springs are concerned.

From the evidence provided, it should be clear that the child support system places an unnecessary burden on the fathers and should be removed. The law is often used as a tool to manipulate men into doing their ex wives ‘favours’. This should stop! If the government cares this much, let them foot the bill themselves. This system is clearly unfair to men and should be halted.