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“Boys should never hit girls”

Growing up in a conservative community, I was often told, “Boys should never hit girls”. I grew up avoiding violent encounters with females as much as possible. I even got beat up by my high school girlfriend without me throwing a single blow. Should we rethink our stance on this very sensitive issue? I think…Yes!


How did this come about? It’s very natural to think that women are the physically weaker sex. This to most, is enough reason to not hit the as they are seen as vulnerable members in society. How did it stay? After generations of being preached over and over again, it has become engrained in our society that, “men shouldn’t hit women.” I believe that men shouldn’t hit women; I also believe women shouldn’t hit men under normal circumstances.

Let’s get this clear, not all men are physically stronger than all women. Now this isn’t a reason to go hit every woman that is physically stronger than you and expect they won’t hit you back, not at all. It means that the assumption that a man or boy hitting a girl might leave the girl in an unfavourable position is flawed.

If a man is physically attacked, or abused by a woman, shouldn’t he be able to respond in kind? Yes! It’s not cowardly to hit anyone that has been landing blows onto you. Is it? In some cases physical injuries can be sustained by this type of behaviour from a woman. In my high school experience, I not only lost my tooth but was also traumatized, mocked and insulted. I don’t think anyone should allow themselves to be sabotaged to live up to society’s expectation. Imagine the many boys that go through a similar ordeal.

I don’t encourage violence as a means of settling any dispute. I am not saying men should hit women just like that out of thin air. I’m just saying that a simple statement like that could leave an entire sector of our society on the receiving end of abuse. It leads to the possible unfair criticism of people that has responded in a manner that’s fitting to the situation. So yes, “boys should never hit girls”, they should never hit girls who doesn’t physically assault them.