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Why I landscape and why you should too!

It was just a few years back that I was so detached from nature that I had no interest in having much plants or even lawns in my yard. I had preferred that sophisticated modern look with a desert of concrete and a basketball court being adjacent to my yard. After my trip to the […]


Lighting your Corporate Staff Event Afire

Anyone tasked with organizing a Corporate Staff Event is in for a rough ride. Disappointed to hear that? No sweat! We will help remover the bumps on this tricky road to organization. Events can often be tedious to organize, but hold your breath; this huge chunk of work can be broken down into tiny and […]

Equal Rights Family

“Boys should never hit girls”

Growing up in a conservative community, I was often told, “Boys should never hit girls”. I grew up avoiding violent encounters with females as much as possible. I even got beat up by my high school girlfriend without me throwing a single blow. Should we rethink our stance on this very sensitive issue? I think…Yes!

Family Home

Is the child support system unfair to dads?

Child support is the term used to describe the sum paid by non-custodial parents (mainly fathers) pay to provide shelter, food and other necessities to the child that is in the custody of another person (usually the mother).  At the receiving end of this crisis usually exists a burdened single dad who is often denied […]